Do you think that luck also plays its role along with talent?

December 4, 2009 9:59am CST
i feel tat though a person is very much talented and hardworking one should have enough luck along with talent to achieve success .so i want to know what do friends at Mylot think?share your opinion here.
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@ginoduds (50)
31 Mar 10
I strongly disagree. Luck means events that are beyond control and seem subject to chance. Most of the time it is just an attempt of something without knowing if one will be successful. For me, luck must not be the basis of a good result. Your talent is coming from a Source,meaning if you only rely on Him things will always be in good outcome. You don't need such luck.. instead you need Blessing! instead of saying "GOOD LUCK!" why not try "GOD BLESS YOU". In that case, the result will pretty much be predictable that something nice will about to happen..that thing called SUCCESS! ;-P
@Wahma60 (109)
• Philippines
28 Mar 10
Talent, hard work, luck and most importantly, God's help. They are very important specially prayers so do that often. God bless you.