Your unforgettable moment in your school life...

December 4, 2009 10:18am CST
Hello friends.I have an unforgettable moment in my life.When i was studying in 8th standard i was the first rank holder in my class.I have a good name in my school.One day my principal wrongfully caught me for a mischief of breaking the glass in my classroom.I told her that i am not the real one who broke it.She was not convinced.She gave me a punishment to kneel down in the ground the whole day.I kneeled down in the school ground the whole day.At the end of the day she came to know the real person who broke it.She was very upset and even asked sorry for it.This is the unforgettable moment in my life What is your unforgettable moment in your life??
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@aguas_aj (501)
• Philippines
5 Dec 09
i have a lot of pretty unforgettable moment during my school days especially in my high school years, there is this one experience when we were rehearsing for our JS Prom, and so all of us is in line to wait for our time to enter the ball but since my friends and I are still at the far back to enter and rehearse, we decided to play, hit and run (where if you are the "IT" you have to run after the other player and hit them, so you will pass the being "IT"). and since I was running to get far from my friend, I accidentally slip. making me stumbled on the floor. The worst part is I stumbled near the middle of the ball, where a lot of people saw me and look at me, waiting for my reaction, so when I raised my face and still shocked of what happened to me, I just give it a big laugh.. LOL. Everybody thought I'd cry but, like a child, I just continue running off the other players
@mistlady (114)
• India
5 Dec 09
There are a number of unforgettable moments of my school life. I used to learn dance in school. On the day of the annual function we had our first dance performance and I had been preparing for it for a long time. It went very well and I still remember the pride and exhilaration that I felt Performing in front of the whole school and especially in front of my parents. Then there was the time when Santa Claus used to come to our school and distribute sweets and gifts to the entire school. All of us used to look forward to the occassion. There was a custom in our school that whoever stood first would be given a badge to wear on his or her shirt which said "first in class". I worked hard for it throught the year. I was in the second grade and I finally won it will all my effort. I still remember how happy and proud I was to recieve the badge and to wear it throughout the term on my shirt. These are and will always be some of the most unforgettable moments of my life.
• United States
4 Dec 09
I think my most unforgettable moment in school, was when I got my first hug from a guy ^-^ I know it sounds a bit lame but it meant a lot to me at the time because I had a really huge crush on him. It was at the end of my 7th grade year and he was in 8th grade, so he was leaving middle school to attend high school next year. I knew I wouldn't see him again for a while, so I shyly asked him for a hug at the end of one of the classes that I had that he TA'd for. His ex girlfriend was in the same class, so when I got a hug from him, his ex was joking around and was all like, "Awwwwww..." xP This was one of my most unforgettable moments because he was also one of my best friends at the time and we talked about a lot of things that went on, which is part of the reason I liked him and it was a huge deal to me that my first hug was him =]
@TashaT (14)
• United States
4 Dec 09
An unforgettable moment in my school life is club picture day! We had a crazy yearbook teacher that took her job way too seriously. The whole school had to go sit on the bleachers in the gym and if you were in the club they called you had to go sit on the other side of the gym and take a picture. It was my senior year and I was taking a picture with my competative acting class. We were all holding trophies and being silly. I don't know if you know any actors but we can be very weird individuals. We ALL decided that we would make funny faces for the picture considering what club we were taking pictures for. The yearbook teacher just happened to see my "crazy/silly face" right when the picture snapped and she freaked! She just happened not to see anyone else so I was the only one that got in trouble. She told me that I could not be in the yearbook at all, removed me from the club picture, and had the photographer retake it! Then she sent me to the principal's office. I had never been in trouble so I was crying and freaking out... I didn't understand why we couldn't be our goofy selves in a club acting picture. When I got to the principal and told him what happened he just laughed, gave me a hug, and said it's ok just get back to class. I was very thankful to not end up getting in trouble for something SO incredibly silly. In the end, it was just a silly prank that I luckily didn't get in trouble for. This is definitely one of the most silly and unforgettable moments in my school life.