What makes people choose one faith or another?

United States
December 4, 2009 9:23pm CST
What makes people choose one faith or another? Is it totally a result of following the faith of their parents? What about when they become of age of consent? How many break away? How many remain in their parents faith What makes people choose their faith? For me Im still seeking the truth.
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5 Dec 09
I've found it's a mixture of things. Family history and trying to find themselves are the most reported. Then there are those who like to have their ears tickled. Then those who want to find the truth.
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8 Dec 09
The Truth is like history, its according to who is telling the story. Your spiritual connection is the greatest love you can have and its not something that can be arranged but must come from an understanding and a ease of spirit. I have found that my faith is closes to the battle of the have nots than it is to the haves but I like to have some things too, so it is a conundrum. The journey to find the best faith is just that, a journey, its not a destination . Its a journey everyday and hopefully you will be saved many hundreds of times and your soul will regenerate and start on the journey to find that spark of God inside you anew.
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17 Jun 10
i think that very many people usually follow their parents beliefs. if you have been brought up as a catholic. chances are, you will remain a catholic. it is only those who seek knowledge of other religions who are most likely to change their religious affiliations. they tend to choose the religion that most embraces there beliefs and thought process
@ckyera (17261)
• Philippines
6 Dec 09
hello sourceseeker! right now, my religion is also my parent's religion. i was born & raise in this religion, actually i am an offered child. but when i reach the right age, when i can already understand and decide for myself, i was given a chance if i will continue in their religion or not. i received the doctrines in my religion, understand them and have faith on it and received the holy baptism. Now, i am still in this religion and i wish to die having this faith...and i know that the search is over for me for i have this firm belief that i am heading the right path... i wish you could also seek the truth that you are looking for... the way i find it. have a nice day!
@EvanHunter (4028)
• United States
5 Dec 09
I think that a lot of times people are just born into it or socially adjusted to it and there they stay. But I don't feel that's what we are suppose to do. I think its a positive thing to search around and to have real personal experiences in what we believe and not just take what so and so said as being a fact. If you don't have a personal connection to your faith than it really isn't yours in my opinion.