How to increase noticeable HP on a stock 1.3L engine Toyota Corollas

December 4, 2009 11:18pm CST
Hello Car enthusiast! I have a stock Toyota Corolla XL year 2000 model with 2E (1.3L)carburated engine. And i feel so under-powered compared to other stocks out there. Ive been researching here on the internet on how to increase it power with minimal cost, less noise and maintain its fuel efficiency and i was disappointed.i have read that high flow air intake and headers has no effects on 2E's. is this accurate? is there any other after market parts that will increase noticeable HP except bolting on turbo's? i have also read some suggestions that it is better and more cost effective if you swap your 2E to 4E-FTE or FA-GE engines. and i think 4A's has a bigger displacement. will this fit perfectly on 2000 corollas? how much will that engine cost brand new? where can i get one here in my country?(Philippines)will my stock transmission system, suspension system and breaks still work with that engine? or do i have to replace them all to? i appreciate any additional advice and inputs from you experts here.thanks in advance. FABC
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