what is your perfect christmas?

December 5, 2009 3:55am CST
Since christmas is just a few weeks so I', wondering since most of us are from different countries and background, what would be the perfect Christmas for you guys? I'm from Malaysia so my Christmas is without snow but we usually have rain which I don't mind :)...so please share your perfect Christmas with me...thanks
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• United States
5 Dec 09
My perfect Christmas would be taking a little vacation with my family to Tahoe when it's snowing but not crazy just a little while before Christmas. A completely perfect white Christmas with a fresh layer of snow when we arrive. It's snowing lightly and my family and I just have a blast playing with the snow there. We get to snowboard, ski, ride snowmobiles, the whole nine yards xD We would take a million pictures and keep a whole entire video series =D After having fun at Tahoe, we would drive back home and decorate our Christmas tree. We would have fun messing around while decorating it and we would take millions of candid pictures too. There would be no sad moment, but only a completely happy, fun, family time. We would have a ton of presents under the tree waiting for us to open it on Christmas. And on Christmas, we would rush over and open the presents together while my dad films us =] We would laugh and enjoy every present that we get and just have a good time while opening presents. We'd have a Christmas dinner too! With all our friends and family at a huge restaurant or some place huge that can fit us all in ^-^ Of course we would pray first before we eat and thank God for everything that he has given us, including Jesus Christ. After we eat, all the kids (or wannabe kids) will have fun together just playing around, going out to a playground or go bowling or whatever it is. Then, with some time left, we (as a family and maybe some other family members and friends) would go ice skating at a nearby ice skating rink. After all that fun is done, we come back home to pray again for the all the fun times we've had. My parents tuck my brother in and say goodnight to me (I'm too old to be tucked in xP), and we all go to sleep, remembering our Perfect Christmas.
• Malaysia
7 Dec 09
ishme4nowz...your Christmas sounds like lots of fun. Here we usually exchange gifts in the church service where everyone are gather for Christmas meal. I'm a Catholic but many of my relatives are Protestant but we usually celebrate Christmas together. In the morning my family and I will go to church for the Christmas Mass and after that head to my mum's village to meet our relatives there. We will once again go for their church service and later join the fun. We will prepare a present and exchange it according to the number that we get earlier...once I got a pretty necklace from a guy which I got a crush with but a few days later I've lost it, really sad. I just love Christmas apart from Harvest festival...I hope this year I get to film them then it would be the perfect Christmas for this year and hopefully my sister and her family can join us unlike last year 8(...
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
5 Dec 09
I could do without the rain. You can have it all you want. It gets chilly out (not enough to snow) but not very plesent either if it rains constantly. Which happens a lot in florida even in the "winter". Anyway I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect Christmas. At least for me. A calm day where I'm not alone and have to deal with tension is a good day for me. That would be my perfect christmas. Seeing how it is so rare around here.