IS scam????

December 5, 2009 11:04am CST
Heyy friends, I have recently visited to a site called I have registered for the site. I was wondering if its also a scam site..... So if anyone of you have better experience from this website please share it and give me your opinion about this site.
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• India
7 Aug 10
It is so confusing....some say it is legit...some say it is scam...unable to make up my mind...what can be the final verdict on this. I'm thinking of joining but at the same time having 2nd thoughts. can anyone clarify and come to one stand on this.
2 Feb 12
It looks like scam. Recently, it did not pay me for my effort.
• India
15 Jun 10
hey is not a scam site. I got 1200 rs check alongwith gift in last month.
• India
1 Apr 13
i have joined on 29 march 2013. as terms and conditions to become a eligible for reward it is necessary to be active for minimum 7 days.each month. but how it can be possible as i joined on 29 march can i be active for 7 days for march month.
• Abbotsford, Australia
25 Dec 13
Hai viewbestads looks like a scam.but dont worry try this legit one
• India
28 Jan 13
This site is scam for sure. I am not a member of this site and this discussion was forwarded to me by agrim. I am surprised that this website shows so much promise on its home page and the home page was very attractive but when I tried to check FAQ i was surprised they only let the video play through and no questions were answered in text. On investigation it was scam.
@seobuzz (1120)
• India
9 Jun 11
Yes it is, It has been officially declared. Do you need other comments?
14 Sep 10
Hi just to let everyone know the site seems legit and there's been proof on the ems forum from this site. Good luck
• India
5 Mar 10
Its a pure cheating website. I lost money and time. When i try to cashout, they blocked my account. I asked them over email. No reply from their end.
• India
5 Mar 10
Its a pure cheating website. Avoid this website. When i try to cashout, all our balance vanished and they blocked my account.
• India
11 Dec 09
hi... even i joined this week.,.. Just earned Rs120.... Just let me know if you earn and get money from this site...