You're broken hearted, now what?

December 5, 2009 9:23pm CST
It's happened to almost everyone- a break up that's seemingly impossible to recover from. Whether you;ve been two months or ten years too long, there's a post- relationship limbo you need to survive in order to get on with your life.
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@eddify (413)
• Pakistan
12 Dec 09
Yes life goes on no matter what. You cant stop living for someone or liging alone for ever. In my case I will cry buckets of water and discuss it with family anf friends. I also go to lenths to talk with the ex party as well to see if we can do somemthing to remain in touch if possible.
@Genericbe (1379)
• Philippines
6 Dec 09
Totally yes, it happens to anyone who are in a relationship then ended with a break up.. or in other words..BROKEN hearted.. Often,other people think why does a good relationship or bad still end in a break up? because, There is no permanent in this world but change..People do change.. May be for better or worst? still they change.. The best way to survive in that limbo effect, is to divert yourself to all the things would make you enjoy and controlling yourself to totally forget slowly the person who caused you a heart break.. Think positive that after a break up? believe and make happen that there will be many doors to open for you.. it is a challenge to any one else that after a relationship break up? TO Start facing life again and sooner when you meet ways? You gonna face him with a straight eye and confidence that you are able to SURVIVE without him.. Let him see all the improvements in you and show him that LIFe after being with him WILL NOT STOP.. It is in him if he will regret leaving you before..
@Zahra07 (102)
• United States
6 Dec 09
Just keep going with life, crying wouldn't make anything.
• United States
6 Dec 09
Yes a break up is extremely difficult. Everyone is different. Me I morned for a while but you just got to get back and go again for your soul mate is out there somewhere and if your just going to cry and morn for 10 years you will of lost your chance. It is better to have loved then not be loved at all.