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@77klove (109)
United States
December 5, 2009 9:52pm CST
Hello there, I am going to build my own website one way or another. Either by doing it my self with few softwares that is going to help me build it or just have a website Dream team do it all for me. So, right now I am only interested in doing it on my own because I do not want to spend money on paying someone do everything else for me although it would be more DYNAMIC and EFFECTIVE when it is done professionaly. Anyways... Content is the key to income and TRAFFIC...the more TRAFFIC you attract, the more income you will get eventually... I am interested in Electronics and I was once told not to mix car and candy or golf with drinks, it is just bad for business. So I think what they are intending to say is, there are already powerful websites that do that type of job like EBAY, AMAZOn AND SO FORTH...WE CAN NOT compete with those big companies. So I have to make something that's a bit different, something that focuses on a particular subject or topic. So since I am interested in Electronic, would that be alright? or what do you think? I am not quiet sure what to put as far as CONTENT in the website. What are CONTENTS anyways? If I am into Electronics, what kind of content should I have on my website so that when people search something about electronics, BADABOOM my site comes in and hopefully satisfy them...ALL BECAUSE OF CONTENT. I need your opinions on this one..., Thank you for those who took the time to read and perhaps give advices or suggestions...good day
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@slovenc1 (2091)
• Slovenia
8 Dec 09
Do you have a domain or not? That is the first question. Than if you do... what level of knowledge do you have about making websites? If you know basic html like me i suggest you write a blog because everything is simple with wordpress. About the content and traffic...i suggest you write about something very few people have before and than there is seo problem(search engine optimization)...i don't know anything about it unfortunately. Check out my blog on my profile and if you think we could help each other add me as friend and message me. Hope it helps, good luck
• Philippines
10 Dec 09
or try
@sunnycool (12736)
• India
6 Dec 09
Frankly speaking you are not ready to manage a site yet and you got to do your home work for try to start with a blog and drive traffic to it so you get know if your have the good content to drag viewers to your site or not and ask them for their opinions if they have your blog and the content was helpful and motivational and gradually try to improve it and then come up with a site of your own which would help you get into the business. you have grounded on the topic thats it but you dont now what would be good content for the viewers.try to get it first then think of starting a site of your own.I didnt meant to offend you though gud day.
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
6 Dec 09
Website content is the meat of the website. Your theame is obviously eletronics. Do you plan on focousing on one particular type of eletronic? Or do you plan to diversify? Meaning are you going to try to sell different brands? First of all, you are going to want to come up with keywords. Decide what your site is going to be about, what it's purpose is. type notes to help you get started. When you create the site, you are going to want to have a layout plan. An introduction page is always a plus. Also have images of the products you want to sell. and add text information such as info about the product, how much you're trying to sell it for etc. When submiting your site to surch engines, its important to keep those key words handy because they will promote your site. advertize where you can. but most importantly know what you want before creating it.