@vinumdas (261)
August 29, 2006 9:05pm CST
Which processor is empowering your PC? INTEL/AMD? Which is the most POWERFUL processor available now?
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@nokia6233 (937)
• India
22 Jul 07
I think if a user is more budget oriented,then the AMD is processor is the best one for him as it has great motherboards for less prices and the integrated graphics is also better.... However if a user is performance oriented,then i would suggest the Core 2 Duo from Intel as it has higher performance and lower heat/power margins...... I would say that at the present situation after the huge price cuts from both intel and AMD camps this year the entire processor market is going great and the winner is obviously the customers..... I were to choose between the two,currently i would choose a cheaper intel Core 2 Duo and overclock it to the extreme and then have the performance of a high end machine.....
@Serjas (2328)
• India
25 Jan 07
i prefer AMD since i am using one.I use AMD because --comparatively cheap --high performance --high stabilty --greater support for gaming i recommned AMD FX 64 bit computing.It has many advantage over intel pentium 4 processors.but i heard that intel pentium duo core2 is much better than other precedures and a like performance with AMD i f you are going to buy a new computer either you go for AMD FX 64 or Pentium 4 Duo core 2. thank you!
@nicedevil (684)
• Italy
31 Dec 06
• Romania
19 Dec 06
I prefer amd. They are cheape than intel.
@deepak007 (514)
• India
18 Dec 06
• Jordan
2 Sep 06
Intel(R) 2.4 GHz, i really don't know the other part of the question, but i can tell that Intel processors are very powerful and they last long
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
2 Sep 06
I have been using computers for the past 8 years and INTEL is my favourite processor.
@abccba (1916)
• Denmark
30 Aug 06
i have 2 PC's, and it's one with AMD and one with INTEL... i don't know very much about computers, so i don't think about if it's a INTEL og a AMD processor theres in a PC when i buy it!
• United States
30 Aug 06
PowerPC on my Mac.