Ragging in the Colleges.

November 14, 2006 9:46pm CST
The ragging in the colleges has almost become a tradition. When I was in my first year, my seniors tried to rag me. (I could avoid most of the ragging as I got a room in the 3rd floor of my hostel in between only M.Tech students). But the bit of ragging that was done made me feel very bad. I was asked to use abusive language (anyone not used to use abusive language will certainly feel bad. So, I decided to avoid it. Many said that it is Important to have ragging sessions as it is the only way to get close to the seniors and they are the only ones to help in the college. The professors are not going to help in any way. So, It was obvious that I wasn't going to get help. But I could manage on my own and still managed to get a GPA of 9.3 on a scale of 10. When our jouniors came, I along with some others decided that we were not going to rag our jouniors and still maintain a good relation. So we started talking to them in friendly manner and now most of my jouniors are close to us. (This initiative was taken one of my friend and what I think was a success). But some complains went about others who ragged the jouniors. Those who were ragging were sent out of the college for a sem. Our seniors and our batchmates held us responsible for all this and bycotted us. In your opinior were we justified in not ragging our jouniors? Please explain me your view.
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11 Feb 07
i really enjoyed making fun with our freshers. they danced they sang for us.Morever on the first day of the freshers i made a fool of them by playing a role of a teacher.And they also get agreed that i was a teacher. I proposed a new fresher of my college and now having loads of fun with her.