Do online relationships work?

United States
December 6, 2009 8:57am CST
I am currently talking to this man who lives in californina, while I live in Pennsylvania right now. I am originally from California, but I currently reside in pa for school. We met on myspace and have been talking for a couple months, he's very nice, easy to get along with, and we always have something to talk about. We also try to talk as much as possible on the phone, he is being stationed in north carolina in July, so he will be closer and we will be able to see each other. But I don't want to waste my time, get too emotionally into this guy, and end up hurting myself in the process. So I wanted to know other peoples opinions on the topic?
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• India
6 Dec 09
Well as long as you want it to work it will work and if also wanted the same if you both want to settle down for each other and you too want the same then it would work whether its online or offline its all left in your and his hands ! Cheers !
@chriszh22 (433)
• China
6 Dec 09
Hi mch1021, I myself got to know my wife just thrugh internet, and we're together for almost eight years! So I believe it will work as long as you two have the 'key'. Internet is just one of the method that you can find your love nowadays. I suggest before you indulge too much you should meet him face to face as early as possible. If you still feel good about him afterwards, you can just go ahead with this love. Good luck!
@benny128 (3622)
6 Dec 09
I think they do work as long as people understand that it is all its ever going to be. Unless one party moves closer then chances are it will never be anymore than online. Enjoy it and have fun just don't get too emotionally attached.