How do you listen to music?

United States
December 6, 2009 12:13pm CST
How do you guys usually listen to music? I mean, Ipod, Computer, some other MP3 format, tape, CD, or record? I usually listen on my Ipod just because it's so convenient, but I love the feel and idea of records. I just got a Bouncing Souls record, and I love having the physical record, because the album art is so integral to the music. I also get CD's for music that I really care about because it's nice having the high quality AIFF files for when I listen on nice speakers. So, what is your music format of choice? Cheers!
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• Dominican Republic
7 Dec 09
I listen music mostly from my iPod, because I can use it almost everywhere... and I'm a serious mUsIc freak!! I also listen to it on my laptop, and I have a couple (couple being almost 30) of CD's, so I think I'm covered in almost every angle... Happy MyLotting and have a nice day! xP