Do you go out to see your Favorite Star in their Mall Tour?

@hotsummer (10449)
December 7, 2009 12:50am CST
Here in my country celebrity stars have their Mall Tour, when they are promoting their upcoming shows on tv or movies in cinemas. So what is your first reaction when you finally get to see them in person. are you pleased or disappointed. most of the time i am quite disappointed. cause i am expected as beautiful or as gorgeous as the person i have seen on the television or screen. when i get to see them that they don't look that good or just look like an averaged person i get disappointed. do you get disappointed also when you find out that they are not as good as you thought. and that maybe the camera tricks and some make ups is what making them look good on the screen. Do you wish that that your favorite celebrities will always look good. i have seen lots of local celebrities already. most of them were a disappoint when i get to see them. i don't feel any special about them. only besides that they are popular. besides that i don't think that they look better than any one else. sometimes i feel that the people i meet randomly could be a better looking than my favorite actors.
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