The Happy and Grateful Board

December 7, 2009 2:58am CST
Bo Sanchez's Soulfood newsletter states that "Wealth is a feeling. Wealth is measured by how grateful you are. The true measure of your wealth is not your money, your real estate or your jewels. The true measure is how grateful you are.The more grateful you are, the wealthier you are. The less grateful you are, the less wealthy you are." I am happy and grateful that I have my parents, my sisters and my niece beside me in our home. I am also happy and grateful that I am taking my Masters degree in Nursing and it has allowed me to meet many people. I am happy and grateful that I have a healthy body. I am happy and grateful because the guys from Arashi- a Japanese group in Japan, were born in my century. So, what are you happy and grateful for?
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