How to deal with someone who has a physical deficiency?

@dpalais (130)
December 7, 2009 3:15am CST
I had experience talking to someone that cannot understand what I am telling her.The first time I feel conscious because I thought I don't know how to communicate with her.I already use different languages that I thought she knows to speak and understand to explain what I really want to tell her but unfortunately I failed to get the answer I wish to get.The following day when I was to meet my group mates and she is one of them,one of my colleague told me that she has an hearing deficiency.Now I learn that was the reason why she doesn't reply to my questions or answer very different to the questions or topics I open to her.The problem is how can I communicate with her that I cannot offend nor hurt her,that she is my group mate until the end of semester! and we need to discuss our topic as a group.
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