December 7, 2009 3:42am CST
Having faith in partener is base of relationship. Trust partner , belive in partner are the key to have successful marriage life. What do you feel ?
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
17 Dec 09
Faithfulness, sincerety, and honesty are very necessary for a healthy and meaningful relationship. There shall never be any lies and cheatings between the partners in a relationship, be it marital, friendship, or even business relationship. Nothing will last if the partners are not faithful and sincere to each other.
@missweety (628)
• Latvia
7 Dec 09
I think the same. If you trust your partner and he/she trusts you then it is already a very big step into fortunate marriage or relationship. If you have to live all the time with some kind of feeling that it is something wrong or you have a feeling that your partner cheats on you then it cannot bring any luck in a relationship. However with a trust you have to start with yourself to my mind. If you trust other person then it is easier for other to trust in you, but there are people that have that strange feeling all the he has to look for the problem in himself...
@kokila19 (102)
• Kuwait
7 Dec 09
You are absolutely right:) Its the key for a successful life. When trust is not there, everything fails in the relationship.
@suryacool (106)
• India
7 Dec 09
exactly my dear are right... Trust is the basis of all relations. Sometimes we leave a lot of decisions on trust. If you love someone truly, then trust comes from within you. You don't need to try to trust anyone. For a successful marriage, it is the key to all happiness. I am not married yet, however i can say this much that trust is pillar for a successful marriage life....