How do you deal with a high amont of stress? what do you do to relieve it?

December 7, 2009 4:49am CST
Hello, Now a days of mine are very stressful, I am going to be a irritate person becoz of it. Sometimes I don't want to nothing, and get angry on everything. I feel very restless, uneasy. Kindly friends advice me to get rid of this problem...
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• India
7 Dec 09
It may be because of your Health is not good or work is more in office or some family problem. So, if you think your health is not good consult with good doctor. For Office Work Don't Take tension. Always remember these world: 1. " If work can be done then what is the use of taking tension. And If can't be done then what will happen by taking Tension" 2. " Never Love your company Because you don't know when your company stops loving You." I will remember these 2 sentences while doing my office work. Also take some leaves from office and go for some outing it will definitely help you. Because some time body require change and outing will do that. Now If it Family problem discuss with all person and try to solve it. it will automatically remove your tension. May be my advice will help you. Take care....