Twilight New Moon

United States
December 7, 2009 5:43pm CST
How many of you people loved the movie new moon? Who is your bestie Edward or Jacob? What was your favorit part of the movie. Yeah you can call me hopeslee romantic mine was when edward asked bella to marry him.
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@justszack (333)
• Indonesia
9 Dec 09
New Moon? I wont watch that kinda boring and seem was produced only for girls due to i heard all the guys topless for whole entire movie scene, LOL
• Philippines
8 Dec 09
yeah, i've seen the movie new opinion is i think the book was better, because the depression of bella was clearly elaborated by words. I love this second book among the twilight saga because the plot of the story is more personifies the saying that "The person that could make you cry is the only one that could make you laugh again." Although Jacob Black and Bella shared some special friendship, the pain was only temporarily relieved...the cure of bella's pain can only be Edward. My favorite part is when Bella purposely jump over the cliff...the idea of two people trying to save was real, the other one was just a misty fragment of spirit...This scene was the beginning of the climax...werewolf and over the same girl...and it made me wonder what's next? Just brought some thrill into my veins.
@shweta02 (18)
• Australia
8 Dec 09
Ohh.. I loved it very much. I had also watched the twilight but I don't like that movie comparing the book. But I like NEW MOON the movie more than the book. If you ask me I like Jacob because he don't boss Bella and treat her like a child everytime like Edward. But anyway i have read the last part so i know the end. My best secene in the movie is where jacob pull off his shirt after Bella hit herself while driving motorbike and then she said to Jacob that he was beautiful.
@rosgill (45)
• United States
7 Dec 09
Edward was the hottest to me, he was more like a man even though he wasn't as buff as Jacob. Jacob is hot too but he has a boyish look compared to Edward. Yes, at the end when he asked her to marry him was really cool, I can't wait for the other two movies, especially the last one Breaking Dawn. Got to be hot.