tanned or not to tanned...

December 8, 2009 12:51am CST
Summer is one of my favorite season. Not only because of the weather but also because it's the time for having cool time in the beach. I just love the sea. I noticed that there are a lot of women who engaged in sun bathing to make their skin color darker or become tanned. However there are also other who just crave to have whiter skin. I'm just wondering on what skin color is more attractive when a woman is wearing a swimsuit? A tan or a whiter one? what do you think?
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• Philippines
1 Mar 10
i like to tan coz you will look like athletic and energetic, than with while complexion as you look weak and pale. i remember before when we went to the beach. i really wanted to tan myself and so i stay under the sun for many hours but i dont know why i didnt get tanned unlike the others. the reason why is i want to tell my friends and office mate that i went to the beach by showing them the line of tanned against my original color but i have no proof coz i have none
@doniep (99)
• Philippines
8 Dec 09
It usually depends on what country you are from. If you live in a place where most people are almost white in color, they intentionally make their skin to tan just to be different and sexy. On the other hand, people who live in a hot city that almost all people are in fair brown complexion or black, they will be desperate to whiten their skin. Regarding about swimsuits on women, for me i think tan skin makes a woman more attractive.
• United States
8 Dec 09
I like to tan, even though it is bad for skin. Tan skin is obviously more attractive when wearing a swimsuit. It has been proved by the media and marketed by them that tanned skin is more attractive.