Who is your historic person that you want him to revive back to this time?

December 8, 2009 7:21am CST
Whos the one you want to meet or think he can solve today's problems or whatever? For me, I want Albert Einstein to back to his life because I think science in his time moved very fast. Many science documents were published in his time and I want him to cooperative with famous physicists to findout can we really make a black hole.
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• Malaysia
8 Dec 09
I would be Nostradamus...i want to know why he predicted 2012 as doomsday.
• Thailand
8 Dec 09
hi curiousplay54, thanks for response. 2012 is a great topic. I doubt about this day too. He should has some theories about this 2012 year. :P
• India
22 Mar 10
I am anxiously waiting for Jesus Christ to return because He was the only one who said I would come come back to lead the humankind to the promised, "Kingdom of Heaven".