Does labour law really protect you? FAKE CONTRACT !

@magic9 (981)
December 8, 2009 8:20am CST
I don't know what the situations are in other country, or other city. But in my city, Shenyang, China, it is unlikely to be successful if you are violated by private companies. I've worked in this company for over three months, full time. According to the law, every staff should be ensured in health insurance, retirement pension and unemployed insurance. But ever since the day the contract was signed, the company has not done so for all its staff. I have requested a dozens of times to get MY contract, I mean MY COPY back, but the personnel manager delays it deliberately several times. About two days ago, a colleague of mine remined me that the contract we signed was actually a faked one ! A FAKE CONTRACT! Can you believe this? finally I understand why so many people who have been working here for over half a year still haven not got their copis of the employment contract yet. Taxes are reducted monthly, quite high. I know, you may say, ask for help from a lawer or relative authorities. but the fact is, the employment authorities usually postpone your case as long as they can, and they demand you to provide solid proof. And the company bribe them. This is often the case. In a word, laws are hardly set to protect ordinary people but the rich and rich-powered. Is the situation same in your city? I have been working for more than ten years, this is the first time I meet such an illegal company. By the way, if I quit, I need to present a written report, which is reasonable. But your salary will be issued the month after next, which is acceptable for me. Still, according to the past experience, very few people could get what they deserve. you know why? because the company reducts your salary for the so-called wearing of office equipment, like you have used its computer, copy machine even though for work, then the machine's life span is shortened. gee ! there is no rational reason to negotiate with them.
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