What is your role in this world?

@umer5222 (724)
December 8, 2009 1:53pm CST
Every man has some character and some part or role in life, What is your role in this world?
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• Philippines
8 Dec 09
We play different roles in our lives. In my life I am playing different role and I am trying to give my best with my roles. I want to be a good son for my parents, a good brother for my brothers and sisters, I want to be a good partner to the one I love, a good friend to my friends, a good citizen in my society and as good servant for our LOving God. I our lives we can please everyone for every person has it's own standard on how they look on us. Some of them expect much from us and some of them are happy on how we make them happy in our own little ways. Bu then no matter what they think what is the most important is we are doing our best to do our roles in life. Tha'ts it and have a great day to all of us.. Happy mylotting.
• Italy
8 Dec 09
My role is resoponding to lots of questions in mylot, isnt'it? It relaxes me and I'm very thankful to mylot!
@borg246 (541)
• Malta
8 Dec 09
My role is life is simply to be very successful in all way. By successful I mean, have money, a beautiful wife, children, a big house a good job and basically everything good that you can think of that will contribute to your standard of living. Unfortunately, complete success is not the same for most people. There are some people who manage to achieve success whilst other's who don't. As for me, I haven't yet completed my "aim" or "role" because I still have things to do which are on my pending list.