Are the top leader's of the world serious of the Climate Change Issue?????

December 9, 2009 12:04am CST
Wat do you think that all the top political leader are serious about the climate change issue and will they all stop blamming each other do some about such a serious issue? wat u feel reply pls
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• China
9 Dec 09
Hi, harsh, I'm so glad that more top leaders pay special attention on climate issue. But it is reported they are still spending a lot of time to argue with each other. I'm sorry about that. I think they shouldn't waste so much time on meaningless argument. Becoz if the situation is worsening, even if they got so-called "fair result", it means nothing! So it's the time to put "benefit" down and work together! Becoz we have only one Earth! That's just my opinion! And happy mylotting!
• India
10 Dec 09
i think many people are not serious about it i m worried