Can you use anyone of the 26 letters from English to make up something funny?

Hong Kong
December 9, 2009 1:56am CST
I woke up this morning and suddenly something funny came to my mind.Guess what?It was the letter "A".Then I found out there I can post a discussion of the 26 English character and see what will comes up.I then found out that There is so much with we can learn from each character.For example : A is something that every student looking for in their school work and examination result.A stands for apple and it is the first character of all the English letter.A is also a good brother of B in English and A also stands for some kind of expression when speaking.A....A.....A......!I hope that you can use your imagination and write something funny in your response and in return,you will be surprised by your own creativity,You can use any of the 26 character and I hope you will use your langauage skills to make this discussion funny and interseting.Letus all have fun with this one ^_^.
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@mari61960 (4895)
• United States
9 Dec 09
I found that Q or q can be a quirky little letter. Is that a little squiggle at the bottom of the capital? I kind of think it looks like a squashed bow-tie, ya know. When I make a Q it looks like it has a squiggly pigs tail..hehe. All in all if really like the qualities of Q. It can be quaint depending on how it is used. I think quietly to myself sometimes, just how marvelous q can be. Depending on who is doing the writing it can be quite eloquent. It seems to be popping up all around my life these days, just yesterday I had summer squash with dinner. After dinner I went to the store and just as I got home I heard the squeal of someones brakes...good thing I was I could have been squished !! Well I'm home now, safe and sound...with a darn winter squall just outside my door. So I will now take my cue from the Q, I will acquiesce and go to bed. Jeez this took me 25 it certainly does take some creativity... Brightest blessings, Mari
• Hong Kong
9 Dec 09
This is surely a Queen piece for Q.Full of creativity and full of skills and techniques and playing the word with Q.What a Q stuff.Excellent,super,number 1 and the new champion of letter artist contest in myLot.What more can I say.I hope that you will always write more great stuffs in all my discussion.Have a great day...Q ^_^
@shibham (17025)
• India
9 Dec 09
hi, i know a single sentance where all the 26 letters exist.the sentance is.......... the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. is not it interesting? have u ever heard this sentance?
• China
9 Dec 09
I think that is a good idea to learn English well. Because of your interest is english you can study english when you enjoy your life .