Importance of Laptop Computers

December 9, 2009 5:07am CST
Computers paly a vital role in our lives today. Particularly of laptop computers can be seen anywhere around the world as computers continue to explore and penetrate each and every major industries.Laptop computers are a necessity and constitute a basic part of our everyday living. First of all,it is convenient to use and can becarry anywhere we want to go.That is the basic idea why laptop computers became so popular,the concept of mobile computing,anywhere and anytime.It is also widely used in communication over the internet.Sending of emails,chats and video conferencing are some form of communication laptop computers can offer.These laptops evolved from Pentium I,Pentium II,Pentium III , to Pentium IV and now Pentium D or Core 2(Duo) Processors.It is also being manufactured by a variety of known manufacturers like HP,IBM,DELL,Acer,Toshiba and many more.Also.two well known processor of known manufacturers are behind its processor prowess, intel and AMD.Both have tied up with laptop manufacturers and produce a variety of models based on specifications.Laptop or mobile computers are also popular to the academe and business world. Laptop computers may be considered as one of thegreatest invention of mankind as it becomes an inherent part of our lives.The use of laptop or notebook computers is widespread and many people use them regularly as part of the work process. Friends please share your views how laptop is used in your lives?