what characteristics your dog has?

December 9, 2009 2:01pm CST
Hello! What characteristics your dog has? As you know every breed is different in size, color, fur length or structure and in characteristics. What dog breed do you have and what is his characteristics that he has? What have you notices about him interesting that you haven't seen in other dogs? thank you for sharing your opinions!!!
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@Java09 (3085)
• United States
20 Dec 09
Well,I own a Lhasa Apso.I love the breed.He weighs 17lbs and is a great watch dog for his size.The Lhasa has a larger breed bark which fools people,and they are suspicious of strangers.They were bred in Tibet,they were used to watch the monastaries.I read the history of the breed.It made me love his breed.I also love that he gets excited when I wake up in the morning.He's happy when I come home.He taps me with his paw to get my attention.He is also a lap dog and is protective of me.
• Latvia
21 Dec 09
I am happy to hear that you are satisfied with your dog ;)My dog as well is very happy when I come home, he is always bringing a toy to the doors when I am coming...and he is very happy in the mornings as well ;)
• Spain
9 Dec 09
I have a chihuahua... And there is something peculiar about my dog... all brown, big ears, you know the pure breed type. He is a toy size and not a minature... Anyways what makes him different is... that can bark mama!
• Latvia
11 Dec 09
Yes, I know this breed! Small like toys ;)I have a Labrador and I think he is special of his sweetness and soft character that makes him a really typical Labrador! :) I could say typical but from another side he is a really special for us!!! ;)