students from the top university are more easy?

December 10, 2009 12:13am CST
i am in college now ,but my school is not famous worsely,it's small,unknown one.since entered the college ,i have been confused and bitter,because my hard study just got such addition,i am worrying about as sunch coollege,how can i get jobs it is not absurd ,famous university student enjoy more equipment both software and hardware,and they are alway in big city, getting the lastest information convinently. i know my disadvantage,so i work more hard.But the fame of university is important part in your resume?I am not one sided emphasis the fame of university.Frankly ,facing gradutes,enterpraise incline to the interviewee from thr top university.
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@ruchimom (280)
• Australia
13 Dec 09
Hi Joytt123 I think you must keep studying and put in your best.I am strong beleiver that Hard work never goes waste,Therefore,not concentrating on your studies,as you will get a job according to your credentials,just imagine,all big business tycoons never got a chance to schools or colleges leave alone reputed ones,Therefore,don't let your mind waiver off,Don't lose hope and study hard.Good Luck
• Philippines
24 Dec 09
Yeah. I agree with ruchimom. The issue of you must come from the top universities and get the best college education to succeed is only for people who are planning to become employees after graduation. But for us, entrepreneurs, it is not an issue. Although good college education is really helpful if you want to succeed, we must remember the words of late Jim Rohn, America's foremost business philosopher, that "Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune". Also I would like to share to you my view of the corporate ladder. This is not to bash your dream of succeeding by climbing the corporate ladder and become manager or president of a company someday, I just want to share to you my view, that "the best way to reach the top of the ladder is to own the ladder". I do not expect you or anyone else to agree with this, but this is true. And to those who chose to mind their own business instead of minding someone else's business, coming from a less popular university is not an issue. We believe in what Jim Rohn has said. Look around, you can see less educated people (business owners or entrepreneurs) hiring well-educated college graduates who came from top universities.
@pinoydeal (202)
• Philippines
22 Dec 09
I know some people who become successful even if they are not in a prestigious college or even they have not been into college at all. It really depends on you.
• United States
17 Dec 09
When I was applying for college, I was also worry about the university's reputation. I was a little upset that I did not get into the college of my choice but college is still college. I don't think students from top universities have it any easier. They still have to study the same and go through the same pressure. I think grades are more important than the reputation of the school. Good luck in your studies.
• China
13 Dec 09
I also graduated from unfamouse university,but now i do not blame myself not to graduate from top university after leaving school and going to work.I believe everyone have the same opportunity when we enter into society no matter which leavel university are you graduated from.The only factor which can help us get success more easily is ability.So you should not worry about this,you should study hard and get more out-class experience.
• China
10 Dec 09
Hello, Joytt, I believe ability and opportunity are much more important and useful. In the current company I am working with, my department head were not even went to university... To be graduated from famous college may help when you applying the job, but it need your effort and ability to make fortune. Opportunity are always ready for the one well prepared. So, try to work hard and get it ready now.
@justszack (333)
• Indonesia
10 Dec 09
Just keep studying hard, get excellent GPA, Increase ur skills due to ur major. When u reach ur graduation day and try to find a job, there's a prelimanary test and interview, anybody has the same change to be hired, dont worry about ur educational background. I prefer dont judge a book from its cover. Doesnt matter if they are come from unfamous university as long as they have capabilities, that would be good