About Sara Freder and Pasqualina

December 10, 2009 3:12am CST
Who are Sara Freder and Pasqualina? What are their real identity? What are their actual location/address. Are they scam people? If so, their real motives should be disclosed to all so that none may befall their business of deception and fraudulence. One of my near one has been receiving emails from both Sara Freder and Pasqualina with alluring offers of changing his life with special rituals/talisman for money. I tried to convince him that these people are not honest. But he would not listen. I think there are so many people out there who have been still receiving the same kind of deceiving message from them. This kind of practice should come to an end.
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• Sweden
24 Sep 10
I am like your friend I also believe Sara Freder and Pasqualina. Are they really fake? I have been receiving letters from them and I certainly believe their words and paid them a couple of times because I was really touch with their letters and I hope that my life will finally be much better in every way. We are still communicating with each other and I nearly paid them again. One thing that stopped me to pay is that my credit card has no money left. Sometimes before I also received letters from Marie France and a man called Berthold von Gratz. I also paid them a lot of money hoping that the things they sent would help me. I received a lot of letters from them. I am still wearing and carrying the talisman or the pictures they sent me. It makes me sad to know the truth about them. I really believe that they could help me with my situation.
• Canada
4 Sep 11
omg me too:(
• Netherlands
8 Oct 11
You have to believe in youreself.. When a fortune teller tels you youre future.. You start believing them.. and.. because of that you will think like them and make a good future.. if you want to know more about this u can e-mail me.. i can send u something i wrote about how that works u can control youre life and recieve..love.. money.. and health precious__@live.nl
26 Nov 11
I have a question though,if she is a scam which is illegal,how come she's not in jail?They should put a stop to this,because she's stealing people's mopney and not giving them anything in return.I can say she is good,i read some of her emails.She can really make you fall for her words.If you read it its like you will really gonna believe it that she will make all your dreams come true.I hope that people out there will do some research first before they start believing someone in the internet and start giving their money away.This should be stop!
@LittleMel (14055)
• Canada
11 Sep 12
thanks for this discussion. wish I read this sooner LOL used to get all kinds of mails from Sara since I used to subscribe to many astrology sites after some time the mails kept going to my spam inbox and that's when I realized she is fake, people have been reporting her, maybe lost money etc good thing all I did was reading the astrology / oracle stuffs