it makes me happy

December 10, 2009 7:06am CST
I do visit this website everyday because it really makes me happy. I can express my thoughts and opinions about some matters with the help of myLot. Aside from that I can also earn money from it too. I just hope it is true because if not, I will really be frustrated. I am still new here so I am not yet sure if it really pays off our hardworks in writing about some topics.
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• United States
10 Dec 09
First a warm welcome to mylots. I have found this a great place to gain information and connect with other people about issues i have in common with them. I have not reached my first pay out as of yet but with everyone else here saying they do pay i think its for real. When i first started i will admit that i only created account because of the earn extra money part of it but the more friends i make here the more i come here to soicalize and vent when i need to. Hope you find mylots as valuable as i do.
• Spain
10 Dec 09
i could no similarly fathom if the reward factor is true or not. anyway i am also new to this site but i find enjoying. we are free to express our feelings. we can exactly say and write what we feels. just now i am making my lean time worthy by just replying to anyone's posts.