Recent reviewstream changes, isn't it too good to be true?

@the_ruler (1446)
December 10, 2009 8:27am CST
I have been a member of reviewstream for a while, but I have not been able to achieve the minimum payout limit yet but I had heard people got paid from this site before. today, when I entered reviewstream site, I was very happy with a good surprise: The minimum payout for a review was increased to $2.5 from $2.0 after finishing my review, I posted it and what!! I used to wait for 3 to 6 days for a review to be published on that website, but this time it was published as soon as I clicked the "submit" button. And my account was credited with $2.5 Isn't it too good to be true for reviewstream, is there a problem with that site recently?
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@scheng1 (24741)
• Singapore
10 Dec 09
I haven't submitted anything to reviewstream for a long time. I hope they have gotten rid of the bulk rate. It's useless spending hours to write just to get the 40 cents earnings. I hope they can give $2.50 for every review.
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• Singapore
10 Dec 09
I don't know, but a payout rate of $50 isn't really helping. It takes much perseverance to write many reviews to meet the target.
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@lorelai (1558)
• Italy
18 Dec 09
I never had nay problems with Actually I am more than satisfied with them, specially now when they increased their payments. The fact is that until you reach the first payout they always check your reviews before they credit it to your account but later they don't do that any more and they automatically credit the amount you eared. How come you haven't reached the payout yet? How much did you write? How long were your reviews? What were your reviews about? The fact is that reviewstream pays 50c for short reviews in any category, you just need to say your opinion, they don't like descriptions or retelling of the story, movie or tv show episode. They like when a phrase starts with I like, I hate, I think, I felt this or that. Another very important thing is that they pay $2,50 only for reviews in certain categories only and only if the reviews are good and long. So you can write about a web site or a video game 3000 words if you want but you will never get $2,50 for that review. But if write a long review in computers, cameras, perfumes, cosmetics, medicine, entertainment, tourism or similar categories they will give you $2,50. It took me quite a long time to realise which categories paid $2,50 for a long review and just recently I added entertainment to that list. I hope they pay $2,50 if you publish under some other categories but I still haven't checked them all out.
@the_ruler (1446)
• Turkey
11 Jan 10
now I got paid 2 times from reviewstream, I pumped my actions up and after opening the threat here, I have already been paid 2 times :)
@Chungshop (2358)
16 Jun 16
Ist time to hear about this site, it is free to join.
@hatimyal (1517)
• India
10 Dec 09
heard of that site quite back and also tried to submit a review. but then i got a email from them saying we are not at all interested in your review. lolzz if they are not interested in the review then why do they say that write about anything under the sun.. after that i never used that site and the minimum payout is also too high and there is no account system in that site. visit my blog for some good sites and make money online.. Regards