Born intelligent and made intelligent

@bhawanee (174)
December 10, 2009 11:55am CST
Some people are born intelligent and some are made intelligent. Please guide me with which one is correct.
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@werdan88 (273)
• Philippines
13 Dec 09
Both are correct. There are instances that they are an interplay of both. Some are indeed born intelligent. These are what we call gifted children or geniuses. However, there are also people who out of their upbringing become smart in the long run.
• India
11 Dec 09
I do think people can be made intelligent.It is not really possible to make a horse out of a mule.If someone is a dud he can be made to become reasonably competent in running his life but he can never become an intelligent human being.Intelligence is one thing that is distributed in the Maker's factory and we humans have not yet learnt to manufacture and incorporate into another human being.
• United States
10 Dec 09
People are born intelligent. Intelligence is the natural ability of a human to think and solve problems. IQ (intelligence quota) cannot be taught. However, even somebody who isn't supremely intelligent can be knowledgeable. Knowledge is acquired facts that are learned through memorization, and aren't natural. Hope this helped. Cheers!