The best video player

@icecubic (1851)
December 10, 2009 2:23pm CST
I think windows media player not as well as gom player. Sometime the videos that played on wmp can't full screen and neither did gom player. I looking for the best video player now, playing all video type, always full screen, great resolution and interface. And free download totally. can you suggest me?? Thanks for your share
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• India
27 Jan 10
Windows Player when combined with Vista Codec Pack, is the best media player around. it can literally play any kind of media file after that. all it needs is a codec pack and some customization. Apart from that, VLC media player is also a good one (when coupled with flv player) I also find total video player quite handy when vlc isnt working
• India
24 Dec 09
you can use windows media player with klite codecs or tiger player or power dvd is also good..
• India
21 Dec 09
My favourite is VLC media Player and I'm using it for a long time.
@robertx (150)
• Romania
11 Dec 09
First of all, there is no such thing as the best media player, unless u have xbox, wich can somehow magically zoom crappy movies with bad resolution to make them look nicer. But even that one has its ups and downs. So, before hoping for wonders from the media player, wich ever is yer favourite choice, try to get your movies, at the best resolutions possible, but do note a better the quality, usually means bigger files. My usual choice is Media Player Classic,it takes very few resources to run, looks like an older windows media player(versions 2,3,4,5), but its not developed by microsoft, and it requires proper codecs. Works well with K-lite standard/default, you don't need the mega version or other advanced version of codec pack simply because u will most likely not meet those very rare formats. Most users don't ever see them. Plus you may install the extra codecs at a later time, if and when required. Several of the extra codecs are known not to play nice with other codecs, so you should not install, unless required. If you hate putting too many codecs in your system, then VLC is a better option, it comes with its own codecs thus you'll be able to watch most movies after its install, without requiring additional codecs. There are several other great players out there, such Crystal Player, and BS Player, these two have both a free version, and a paid one. And they are the easiest to use after interface. Of course all players work well if you just play the files, but the story changes when looking at their option if you need more. Especially if you are in a hurry, or hate taking it one option at a time.
• India
11 Dec 09
There are only two option left.One is K-Lite Mega codec Pack and other one is VLC media player. If you download K-Lite Codec Pack, make sure its the MEGA Codec Pack as it contains additional codec for other formats.Its easily available on . And for VLC , its the best media player and can play any format audio or video. And both the softwares are freeware and easily available.