How did you decide Pets Name?

December 10, 2009 5:38pm CST
Those of you who have pets, I was wondering how you decided on the name of your pet, or if you haven't yet got a pet or decided a name for the pet what you think you could use to decide on the pet's name. We recentley got a pet rabbit and have named it Eevee Taylor Marie, the names go well together plus, Eevee is a name of a rabbit Pokemon that the rabbit looks a little like in style and colour and the name Taylor shares a name with the great singer Taylor Swift and Marie shares the name with the great singer Marie Osmond so we picked those names and they go so well together. So picking a name for the pet-have you used perhaps a famous person's name who you are a fan of or maybe you have given the pet a name based on its look like Spot if it has black spots on white fur or maybe you have gone with a classic name like Thumper for a rabbit or Rex for a dog.
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@danitykane (3192)
• Philippines
11 Dec 09
hi benny, I usually choose a singer's name...haha! I don't know why...while my brother named our old dog "magic" as in magic johnson and I have named our other dog "madonna"...lolz I like how you name your pets huh...really nice!
11 Dec 09
Yeah I like that idea of namming a pet after a singer,Snoop Dog may be an example. Yeah we chose the name of our pet together and the names went very well.
• Ecuador
10 Dec 09
I named my pet after the rocko's girlfrield sheyla on rockos modern life (I dont know if you remember that show) ! hehe
11 Dec 09
That's an intreasting idea to name a pet after a character in a show-yeah their may be quite a few Scooby dogs around and Thumper rabits. Yeah, the show Rockos Modern Life sounds fammiler and I think I can picture characters from Rockos Modern Life but can't remember loads about it.
@Annmarks (39)
11 Dec 09
I bet, Marie, will be flattered, knowing she shares her name with our bunny, she's cute to. It's a bit like with children, as, parents, we sometimes, choose names of the famous people we like, although, none of my boys are called "Donny", two, of them do share an Osmond name, it was, cause, I liked the names anyway, it suited their Christian names, went well together, this is a great thing to do.