Problems switching my monitor please help.

December 11, 2009 4:18am CST
first of all my product: -PC & PS3 -On my pc I have a "Nvidea GeForce 8800 GTS 512" video card -My monitor is an "Acer P241W" 1xDVI 1xVGA (I use DVI) Now well my pc is running I want to swich the signal cable from my pc by the signal cable from my ps3. Every thing works well, I pull out the signal cable from my pc and I put the signal cable from my ps3 in and I can play. Now when I want to put the pc in again and my monitor says "no signal" my pc is not sending signal anymore untill I reset my pc and not the way it should go. Don't get critical on my english I'm from holland ;) Does Anyone knows what i'm talking about and mabye how to fix this? Thanx
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11 Dec 09
Hmmm.. how were you able to post then? Try to check the cable of your monitor first if it's properly plugged in.
• Netherlands
11 Dec 09
When I reset my pc everything works again only some things are lost. Check the Cable :S have you ever seen a DVI cable? There is only one way to plug it in. My PC doesn't send a signal anymore when its pluged off thats what I try to fix I need a constant signal even if theres no monitor connected. But how? Thats the question.
11 Dec 09
What do you mean about "some things lost"? Maybe pc really needs to be restarted. Just like when you unplug a mouse and when the mouse loses its function, you have to restart the pc to refresh its connection and for it to function again.
@syndrix (475)
• Malaysia
12 Dec 09
Tim Tune Actually there is no need for you to switch your monitor cable everytime you wanted to play PS3 or used your PC. Here is how-to do it, first you must plug you two(2) Acer monitor cable the DVI-cable and the VGA-cable. In your PC plug the DVI cable since your are using a very nice video card which I believe that support DVI port, right? Then on the other hand you other cable the VGA plug your PS3 which also I believe has VGA port. So, there is no need for you to unplug everytime you used your PC or PS3 and all you have to do is go to your Acer monitor. Press the menu OSD a.k.a "on screen display" menu you can switch which input you wanted to used whether the DVI or VGA without unplug both cables.
@May2k8 (7123)
• Indonesia
11 Dec 09
Are your VGA-card are well connected with monitor? I don't have DVI cable, and which I have is VGA cable. I have got my monitor no signal but it's because my monitor with my card didn't connected very well. So, I unplug my monitor and try to plug in again.
• Netherlands
11 Dec 09
thanks for your comment but everything is connected well, reconnect the monitor doesn't solve the problem. DVI works the same as HDMI only with external audio. Some people said It could be a HDCP problem some sort of security but I don't understand how it works.
• India
27 Jan 10
sometimes it happens. try my trick, before disconnecting the monitor from the ps3, put the pc in hibernation or stand by mode then disconnect. after you reconnect your monitor, wake up from the stand by or hibernation mode i hope that works for ya
@robertx (150)
• Romania
11 Dec 09
I'm not really sure what is going on over there, but hence u have both vga and dvi, why not put the ps3 on vga or the other way around, and have them both pc and ps3 connected? Also your pc may enter standby and fail to wake up the monitor, check the options, and disable screensaver and "turn off monitor". Another easy way around this would be to shut down your pc, cuz you are not usuing it while you play ps3 anyway... Try a new driver for the Nvidia, or maybe your dvi cable has issues, did you know there are several types here as well? Such DVI I, DVI D, Dual link, single link... Check if your computer can wake up the monitor using the vga option, if you don't have the cable for it, there are cheap dvi to vga and vga to dvi convertors to plug with your dvi cable. Let us know if your issue was solved, and if not return with more feedback.