Does anyone from here practice sahaja yoga?

December 11, 2009 5:47am CST
Does anyone from here practice sahaja yoga?Are you meditating?Its a religion and so much peoaple practice it..They are many yogas..I practice sahaja and hata yoga..So if you do that religion just say..And if you know some texts for god say them..Lets share what we know guys..Don`t be confident be shy :)
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@umabharti (3976)
• India
11 Dec 09
yes we do SahajaYoga more than 10 years completed in the meditation system.This is a sahaj one means natural.Shri mataji Nirmala Devi gives Self Realisation.Kundalini passes through the seven chakras like Mooladhara,Swadishtana,Manipura,Anahat,Vishudi,Agya,and finally the Sahasrara.
• Bulgaria
11 Dec 09
Thanks for posting..Me and my mom meditate from only 2 years..I have slow proggresion but my mom`s progression is big,and she is very good in meditation.My feel my kundalini only two times..And the feeling is very relaxing..Than i was very happy but now i cannot feel my kundalini so often..Only at the middle of my body and not more..And so happy to see that there are peoaple practicating meditation :)