alternative food at the table

December 11, 2009 6:54am CST
what food u usually have in the table in breakfast lunch and dinner? i know what basic food to eat but due to life is hard now a days i have to budget our meal to sustain our everyday needs... any alternative, please share...
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@vathsala30 (3728)
• India
17 Dec 09
soya milk, cornflakes, fresh milk, green vegetables, beans, fresh fruits will substitute in our dining table for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, we make chappati out of wheat flour, and veggies,cooked with spices, will be there in addition to yogurt, plain or with spices.
• Philippines
18 Dec 09
yeah those foods are healthy food we can consider...but facts about the price of all of that, the ordinary family who is on the budget cannot buy that.... yeah a good altenative from time to time....just to get the nutritious facts.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
14 Dec 09
Yes, I do understand what you are saying. What is important ofcourse is to be healthy, to have the food to keep healthy. Me too, I don't go for luxurious kinds of food. I am more of a vegetarian, and I believe vegetable have health value in different ways. I am happy if I have veggies on my lunch and dinner table. And, have a glass of milk.
• Philippines
18 Dec 09
yeah vegetable is great but nowadays due to frequent calamities here in the philippines vegetable is very expensive to purchase.
@Hazelrose (2182)
• Philippines
11 Dec 09
Hi beabenitez,Well,there are so many foods alternative that we may eat either breakfast,lunch or dinner.During my child hood days,before in our province where we live.My parents used to cook Green bananas, sweet potates.for our foods.It was so affordable and very nutritious.Thanks,God bless!
• Philippines
12 Dec 09
nice to know... that is an alternative food for rice...right?
• India
17 Mar 10
Hello bea, one can't live without food, well food need not be delicious and costly, it should be whole some and tasty with less oils and spices, we eat rice, dal and vegetable curries in noon and paratha, dal fry in evening, and a cup of tea, non-veg once a month. Thanks for this discussion. Bhuwan