December 11, 2009 7:14am CST
Do you think its wise to move away from your family to earn more money? nowadays even newly married couples live in separate towns..
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@maximax8 (28967)
• United Kingdom
11 Dec 09
I think it is wise for a family to stay together. If the lady and the man work in the same town it is better than them working far from each other. It is wise to travel to another job if work is available there but not in the lady's or the man's town. Teaching is a full time commitment so Monday to Friday when I work full time is very busy. Part time teaching allows me a work and home balance.
• India
23 Dec 09
thanks for you response. Ya i agree teaching part time is better idea. As I always wanted to earn money and at the same time be a good wife and mom in future i always thought of doing some online teaching.
@abhi000 (235)
• India
31 Jul 10
I think its wise for a family to stay together.If the lady and the man work in the same company or town it is better than working far from each other an it is less chance of getting misunderstanding between them.I can say that if you two are serious about each other,then go for same town.Beside sounds like he is sitting milk anyway.
@danitykane (3192)
• Philippines
13 Dec 09
I think it is wise in creating good income for the family but, it will be risky especially for those who are newly married and are just starting out to build their new family. Sometimes it causes problems in marriage even if the main reason is to have a better income and to have a better future. I think it'll be wiser if both are still together and earning some money, something that can help them sustain their living and help pay their bills or other expenses.