Do you believe in re-birth?

December 11, 2009 8:20am CST
Do we have any connection of our existing life with our previous life? Does liking,disliking,happiness,one being afraid of something etc have some connection with our previous lifestyle?
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@sushie93 (1359)
• France
23 Jan 10
Yes, I believe in re-birth (i'm boudhist), i believe in karma also but don't believe in hell and paradise. There are some ways to discover our previous life by astral travelling, tarot cards, hypnose, ect but i haven't done these yet. I don't know why but i very love piano, don't know if it's a connexion with my previous life or not, maybe I was a pianist? xD
• India
19 Dec 09
yes i do believe in re-birth and it has been proved in all over the world as well
• Iran
11 Dec 09
I believe that there are some connections between our current life and our previous life. Just think about it for a minute. You see a boy who has been born in South Africa and doesn't even have some simple necessities of life like water and food. At the same time you can see a boy who has been born in New York City to wonderful parents and has an amazing life style. I assume that the boy in Africa was a thief or killer in his previous life and the boy in New York was a philanthropist in his previous life.
• China
11 Dec 09
hi, neha, I do not believe that, I think this is a very superstitious thing,remember that person's life only once, otherwise ,there would be no less valuable in life.good luck .
• India
11 Dec 09
Hi, Honestly NO !! Well That very Difficult to say anything.