Reading is a good hobby

@dsis26 (54)
December 11, 2009 12:40pm CST
Reading is a good hobby for a student,a person, every body. we read many books,magazine, knowledge growing book, paper etc.But remember that's are valuable and legal.we are growing knowledge by reading books. we have bright our future by reading educational books. Every family send their child to read in school. Take care them and help to their studies. Then they are growing up be a gentalperson and make their future bright shiny. When we read regular many book carefully and under stand that's fact, then we have a thinking mind. That's help us to think and write good books. At present many book fair held at many place. Kolkata Book fair is a most popular book fair. Some other popular book fairs are Kharda book fair,Palta book fair, Barrackpore book fair, etc.There have many book stall.Every person visited fair and find books which they want to buy. There have many books like children story book,traveling book,scientific book, essay, funny story and poem, cooking recipe and also many countries writer's books. So we have read book and gain our knowledge, or offered every body to read books.