What to do when your sister is a party mom

@EmtMom (27)
United States
December 11, 2009 1:44pm CST
My younger sister, who is 27, has 2 wonderful daughters, 9 and 4. She is on her second divorce from the second child's father. She is staying with my father, who has heart problems and a laundry list of personal issues he is dealing with, including the affair my mother had and their subsequent divorce after 36 years. She brings men into my fathers house at all hours of the night. Stays out so late that her children are kept home from school since she can not get up to get them ready. She has numerously come home after driving drunk. She is not on drugs or abusive to her children, she simply is not there. When they come home from school, she is already gone and my little brother who is just 20 has to take care of them. Is she just a product of spoiling by my parents? Were we raised totally different? Or is there anything I can personally do to help my Dad out? He says he doesn't like her doing the things she does but, on the other hand, he still lets her stay since she has 2 daughters. Any ideas?
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@bunnybon7 (37156)
• Holiday, Florida
12 Dec 09
i wonder if some other family member would take her in? sounds like your dad would be able to handle things better with just the little girls there. especially since your brother takes care of them and not her. you, your dad or someone needs to lay down the law to her and say they will take the kids but she needs to go ask her if its not going to bother her if shes out some night and dad has an attack because of her stressing him out? i once threw out my grown daughter at 22yrs. and kept the baby until she came out of rehab not easy but it did force her to go to rehab.
@EmtMom (27)
• United States
14 Dec 09
He hasn't asked her to leave but, if he does, they have their father's to take care of them. More often than not, recently, they have been with their dads. Seeing as how she sends them off as often as she can. She is going to college but, she onyl takes one class a semester so she can stay with my Dad. Her problem is that she can't ever be responsible for herself. She parties late, sometimes doesn't get the girls to school at all, brings home random men to my father's house. It's a big mess. Other than telling her it's unacceptable, like I talk to my own kids, there isn't anything else we can do but let our Dad handle her...