tips to newbies in ptc

December 11, 2009 8:39pm CST
There's a lot of money in ptc only if you know how to handle it. There are hundreds of ptc out there and dont just jump to any ptc specially to new one without knowing about whats in that site. First you need to know the site by going to the forum and read the post so you will be aware what happened, check the news from admin, payment proof specially the members daily stat, try to compare member's stat if they earn profit or loss, you can see that by their earnings through ref click today against yesterday. For you to know if the average is 2 or more here's how to figure out. in the stat theres 30 rented ref and 2 direct ref. so the member have 32 ref all in all. the click yesterday must be times two of 32 which is 64 clicks that's already less than the previous day click and today must be 128 click it means the average is 2 or more so it means it will give you a lot of profit. second, monitor members daily stat and read the forum don't just login to the site and click without knowing what happened as you might be the last person to know about the problem in case your not aware, check the bugs sections and problem and doubts for the possible problem of the site and dont hesitate to ask questions of course you need to register first so you can interact with the members. If you encounter problem send ticket to the admin and till them everything at the same time post the same problem in the forum so that other members who have the same problem can share the solution with you. Also try to read forum outside the site like mylot and etc. and ask questions as you can. Fourth, Don't just click and limit yourself to your own click as it will take time before you can reach your payout out till you get tired and stop clicking thinking its only a waste of time. If you already know that the site is legit and really pays then concentrate to it and choose only 1 or 2 ptc site and another 1 site as reserve just in case the other 1 turn to scam as we can't avoid it what matter is you already earned a lot from them before it will turn out to be scam or pray that it will not. Fifth, Don't be afraid to invest, try to rent up to 100 ref. in investment theres really a risk so you have to face that risk, as what businessman do. but as i said invest only if your sure to that site and invest only to 1 or 2 site. If you see that your earning in 100 ref and you already receive your cashout then try to rent another 100. Don't hesitate to upgrade if you already have 100 ref or more as it will give you a times twon earnings from your ref and as long as you can see that theres really profit. Just always be aware be reading forum it will help you a lot. If theres anyone want to add something to help our newbies in ptc world then please feel free to share it here. Thanks and goodluck
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