Networks what is better?

United States
December 12, 2009 6:15am CST
Do you use Facebook or myspace? i use myspace cuz it never makes my internet go down like facebook does also i have found that people on myspace are easy find and easy added to friends unlike facebook that asked you if you know this person it a pain i feel myspace lets you talk to friends more easy then facebook but what network do you use the most?
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@ruchimom (280)
• Australia
14 Dec 09
I use Facebook as I really like the cool applications.I ahve nevr tried Myspace although a lot of my friends are on it but somehow I never registered for it. I like Facebook's games,quizzes and the IMs. I also use Orkut,but its not as good as Facebook
• United States
15 Dec 09
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
13 Dec 09
I have an account on both places. I don't check eaither as often as I should. The reason for this, is I'm not as big into socal networks as I should be. Then again I don't always have a reason to check them often. Facebook is doing a good thing by confirming rather or not you know the person or not. More and more people interact with strangers and share information without giving a second thought. Now a days people are too trusting and don't always use secure measures to ensure their profile remaines privite. They will accept anything and anything, and people don't always know what is what. The reason I don't like myspace as much is the adds are often flash adds and they stick too many on the page. It makes me want to twitch and its more work for me to navagate around content.
• United States
13 Dec 09
i know but everything u need is on the other side of adds so it not that hard
@minx267 (14603)
• Hartford, Connecticut
12 Dec 09
I use both But I prefer Facebook. I rarely go on Myspace anymore.. I Find that the pages are slow to load and often freeze up.. I have found and contacted more friends and family on Facebook than I ever did on myspace.. IT is much easier on Facebook for me. We IM each other on facebook and everyone always seems to be on that. When I go on Myspace there is usually only one or two people on. When I go on Facebook there are dozens online!
• United States
13 Dec 09
thx for input keep it comming
• Philippines
21 Dec 09
maybe the same. especially now that myspace already have all the games that facebook have.