December 12, 2009 9:28am CST
How many posts do you need to have to gain earnings in myLot? I really don't understand the terms of how you can earn here. Can you explain to me clearly please?
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@mysdianait (64058)
• Italy
12 Dec 09
Welcome to myLot ahkkiihs! You will earn for all your own activity here if it is within the Guidelines. You must post in English (not in text-style) and if your posts are informative and not just one or two lines then you will start seeing your earnings the day after you post them. Earnings update once every 24 hours and the next one will be within two hours. MyLot does not pay a set amount for each post so there is not a set amount of posts that you have to do in order to earn. For example, if you start just one interesting discussion and you receive some responses on it, you then go back and comment on those responses and you will be earning but your number will not increase. Just by responding on discussions started by others you will be earning and you will see how they go about things too. Of course if you read the Guidelines you will also know what you can and cannot do here and you will know which discussions to avoid as they could be deleted. Most important is to have fun and not think about your earnings - then they will start adding up before you realise it! :
• Romania
12 Dec 09
Of cures.You can earn by: 1)YOu must make coments start discutions etc. YOu must be an activ member post coments, start discutions,put comments .In my interest you can find some subjects. 2) by ou refferals But i advise you to start and make coments and be a active person. If you want to earn som good money post coments but comets must be a least 3 4 lines.So if your coment is bigger, you earing eill gincrease.Make sure that the coment you post will be understood by all the users of mylot