Red Dwarf Series IX a bad ending to a good series?

December 13, 2009 5:25am CST
I will begin by saying that Red Dwarf is one of my favourite TV comedy shows. However, I found the mini series: Back to Earth quite disappointing. Given that series 8 definitely left the way open for a follow up, then length of time in between the two series and the subject matter of series 9, was somewhat of a disappoinment to me: 1) No Christine Kochansky (Lister should really have got back together with her) 2) The plot was two convoluted for its own good. Series 8 had a couple of mulyi-episode storylines, but none were as convoluted as that of series 9. 3) It would have worked better with a simpler storyline, or going back to the 1 storyline - 1 episode format. Any thoughts on this?
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