how to "break" a man

December 13, 2009 4:12pm CST
if youre a girl its very difficult to break a man specially if he dont let you go.why is it that the time she love him so much he that she found what shes loooking for to another man, how could she tell to his man who never wanted her to let go that she found the one???
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@bhav27 (443)
• India
15 Dec 09
well if the girl has find someone and wants to continue with another guy then she should just tell the boy whom she wants to left that i know you don't want to leave me but i don't love you for this or that reason and if he said that he will change himself for her then i will say not to leave that man as he is willing to change for that girl as it's a rare statement made by man and if some do make then he truly loves you but if he gets anger and started threatening you then i will suggest leave him in a sec buy saying _____ you , i am leaving.
• United States
14 Dec 09
Well first sort out your desires. Do you like this guy. Sort out who you are. Do you know who you are? Maybe you don't want to know who you are.! Maybe you don't want to be with him and maybe you do. So do something. Do something good. Differential. And spend time with your thoughts. Maybe you hate your house. How could you love it more? Maybe you have to get rid of the guy.
@fsll518 (304)
• China
14 Dec 09
If she has no feeling to that previous man, then should just frankly tell him: I have found my Mr. Right, that's Mr. ***, I am glad we could be intimate friends during this time, now I hope you wish me good luck and I would also wish you a happy life with another nice girl :) Your question is how to "break" a man. If he doesn't care about her, than he can't get "broken" at all. He would just think: Whatever, let her go, I will find someone else soon... Maybe he should just be happy for her.