how brands do you know

December 13, 2009 8:25pm CST
There are so much famous brand. most of them are the international famous brands. such as D&G,Gucci,MBT.... i know part of them. there is a interesting thing that i bought a fate D&G coat a few years ago. at that time i did not understand the brand. and i wear it very happily. but what the shame is when i see it from the TV. my coat only cost me a little RMB. my dear friend, do you continue to wear it when you find it is the famous brand but the one in yours is fate.
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@Orea15 (281)
• United States
14 Dec 09
Not everyone can afford the real thing. It would be nice if we could. Since we couldn't buy the real designer product, I don't think it is harming the designer to buy a knockoff. If you like it and you enjoy wearing it, why not? It probably isn't made as well, and it may not last as long, but enjoy it while it lasts. Blessings, Orea
• China
14 Dec 09
ye,you are right. the common brand design copy the famous one some. the difference between the fate and the common brands is that the common one has its own logo. no everybody can afford the real thing.