Quality by Mr. Crosby

December 14, 2009 1:11am CST
Quality for Mr. Crosby is defined as a conformity to certain specifications set forth by the management. These specifications must comply with what customers want and need. His approach focuses on prevention, in which he gives us ways like Do it Right the first, zero defects and others. In this concepts, I think zero defects is hard to achieve, maybe because we cannot ensure that as we work we commit mistakes along the process but he says we cannot afford to make wrong things for it has an equivalent cost to each mistake we make. For me, Mr. Crosby's approach teaches us to be proactive in managing our future businesses or at list prevent problems to happen in the field we would be. I also believe that experience is the best teacher. As future business people we should, I Think consider his concepts to guide us through our journey in the business world.
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