Who do u think is a better singer,JAMES HETFIELD or KURT COBAIN???

@ankush19 (156)
December 14, 2009 3:25am CST
Hi guys, I'v alwaz listened to metallica and nirvana..both are my favorite bands.. but i am alwaz confused that whether its kurt or james who can be declared a better singer and even a better performer.. dats i need ur help guys..help me with this one.. KURT COBAIN OR JAMES HETFIELD????
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• United States
31 Dec 09
Wow, by far, James Hetfield .. Metallica FTW!
• Latvia
5 Jan 10
I think James Hetfield, I like Metallica bend very much but I can't say a bad word about Curt his also very good singer and preformer but my prefer James!
@kahmed09 (92)
24 May 10
kurts got an amazing unique voice but james can sing all types of songs... kurts scream was amazing though
• Brazil
3 Apr 10
Sorry to say, but its like compare banana with watermelons... They are such different guys with different bands and different fans (some of them).
@stand87 (667)
• Bulgaria
7 Jan 10
I vote for James Hetfield :) One of my favorite metal signers. Cobain's not bad at all too.
• China
7 Jan 10
i doubt you are going to find anyone who chooses Kurt as a better singer. James vocal range and sound is much better. I'm a huge fan of both groups(posters, whole discography,desktop wallpapers). However i have to rate Kurt as a better performer, you got a better show. Like in Rio when he went Nuts...lol that was classic for me.
@themdno (403)
• United States
16 Dec 09
I have to go with James on this one. Kurt was great, but mostly because of his charisma. James has a better voice, and the charisma. Plus asking this in the Metallica section is gong to get a skewed response, haha.
@BART78 (2932)
• Canada
14 Dec 09
james hetfield is better singer and perform for me, i like also kurt, but it gives me more trailling effect when i listening to james voice..it's like a humble devil singing...rock on dude!