What is your experience with reviewstream.com?

@cudamani (998)
December 14, 2009 7:34am CST
My experience with reviewstream.com is limited. I did participate in writing columns and reviews and some of them got rejected. But I am always doubtful of the content getting rejected. Will the work done by us go wasted if the contents get rejected very often? What is your experience with reviewstream.com?
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@lorelai (1558)
• Italy
18 Dec 09
My experience with reviewstream.com is great.I got about $600 from them in the last year and a half and I am very happy about it. I was disappointing when they started rejecting my reviews but I realised that they has good reasons to reject some of my reviews. They pay very fast, within 48h usually, not counting Sundays, but mostly I got paid within the same day or even in a few hours time. I got some of my reviews rejected but about 1% maybe. Here are some tips I've learned. 1. THEY WANT OUR OPINIONS I was writing reviews about TV shows they were really long and I was more or less explaining every scene. Most of these reviews got rejected. What they want from you is actually: I (didn't) like this episode (product) because of this this this and that and I found it interesting (good, bad, boring) because of this this this and that. They don't want to describe a product or write about the plot, they want you to tell them what you think about it. 2. THEY DON'T ACCEPT DOZENS OF REVIEWS ABOUT THE SAME CATEGORY IN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME I was doing perfume reviews for about 3 weeks, only perfumes, because I was working in a hotel and across the street there was a perfumery so I made friends with a girl who worked there and each day I took home samples. I was writing about them and only about them, so after a while my reviews all looked the same, so they started rejecting them. 3. THEY DON'T ACCEPT COPIED MATERIAL Don't copy and past, not even from your old reviews on their page or from some other page you wrote before. Don't publish anywhere else what you wrote there. They don't tolerate that. 4. THEY DON'T ACCEPT REVIEWS ABOUT MOVIES, TV-SHOWS THAT AREN'T IN ENGLISH These are more or less all of the tricks I've learned. The fact is that one will never get $2,5 for a review in food, movie or TV section, it doesn't matter how long or good your review is, while in categories like cosmetics, tourism, medicine, computers, camera, entertainment and in a few more you need very good reviews about 900 words long.