Fun little knowledge about cats

December 14, 2009 11:12am CST
*Cats have 230 bones more than people 24. *Cats and dogs than the sensitive hearing. *The relative physical size,the cats were greater than any other mammal eyes. *Cats normal pulse per minute between about 110-170 times. *Cats normal body temperature is about 39 degrees. *Cats vertical jump height,your body can achieve a high level of 5 times. *Cat's nose is the only pattern,no two cats nose pattern is the same. *Cat on the woman's response is higher than men, because women more than men the frequency of the sound. *scientifically proven, often touching a cat can lower blood pressure. *Domestic cat is about an hour of running speed of 55-60 km. *Cats are the favorite sleeping mammals,one day about 16 hours sleeping.
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14 Dec 09
That's quite interesting. Thanks for the post.
15 Dec 09
Thank you for your reply!